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Pardon my “pilit-smile” haha!😁 I love HEIGHTS yet I didn’t expect that that edge coaster was totally breath-taking and nerve-racking! Almost quota na siguro ako sa bad words nun especially sa moving-fast part!!!zzzz.HAHA!😭😝😜 Nonetheless, we had successfully completed the ride on the World’s First & Only Edge Coaster around the 38th level outer-rim of Crown Regency Hotel & Towers, the tallest tower in the country, standing 40 stories high at Fuente Osmeña, the heart of Cebu City in the Philippines.
Date: 3/15/2014 at 11:20PM #copypastedsacertificate 😁

Edge Coaster-iffic! Wooohoo! Boring pala ang sky walk ha… Hahaha! I’m so proud of us @taniahan @otelsalik @reyesrina #mikehan #neilsantos 👏💪👊👌👍 #TheSkyExperience #Adventure #EdgeCoaster (at 38th floor, Crown Regency, Cebu City)

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